Terms & Conditions


This General Terms and Conditions defines rules and regulations for pre-paid users, hereinafter referred to “Client”, in regards to the usage of the SMS Gateway, hereinafter referred to “Service”, provided by PlasGate Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to “Service Provider”, having registered address at 7AE0, Street 440, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Client must abide and comply to the following terms and conditions.

1. Client shall acknowledge that prices are subject to change without prior notice and Price Change Notification shall be sent via email from time to time

2. Client shall acknowledge that the un-used credit is not refundable

3. SMS will be charged based on submitted (sent) SMS regardless of delivery status

4. 1 SMS equals to 160 characters (maximum) including space for English and 70 characters (maximum) including space for Khmer Unicode. Long SMS will be charged in multiple numbers of SMS.

5. Client shall understand that Standard quality is based on a least cost routing and Premium quality is based on a direct routing to mobile networks which provide higher delivery rate

6. Client shall not send messages or communications which are illegal, immoral, sexual harassment, offensive, abusive, menacing, obscene, annoying, spamming, incite hatred, panic or anxiety, political propaganda or which are otherwise unlawful

7. Client shall not send messages in a manner which will conflict with fair competition, culture, religion and tradition of Cambodia

8. Client must hold Service Provider harmless and indemnify and keep Service Provider indemnified in the event that the Service Provider is penalized for claims, demands, actions or administrative proceedings which are brought against Service Provider due to non-compliance of the clauses stated herein.

9. Client shall understand that this Agreement also covers all future uses or purchases of the service upon signing this Agreement and shall make necessary payment before top-up can be made.

I or We “Client” have read and understood all the above terms and conditions related to the rules and regulations for the usage of Service set by the Service Provider and will abide and comply strictly.