Sangoma Call Center

Streamline your phone systems with IP PBX from Sangoma. Unlike outdated phone systems that use analogue or digital infrastructure, IP PBX operates over the Internet in a process known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This means it’s amazingly quick to set up and there’s no expensive phone line to maintain – saving you money, enhancing the quality of your calls and dramatically reducing your need for maintenance.

Sangoma IP PBX offers you a flexible, tailored communication solution that can be deployed either locally in your office or in the cloud, so you can choose what’s best for you. It’s also software-based, so you can even seamlessly integrate it you’re your CRM, fax machine or chat functions, making it an ideal technology to place at the heart of your customer support or sales teams. There’s a variety of models available, from the PBXact 25 that supports up to 15 simultaneous calls to the enterprise-level PBXact 5000, that than can handle up to 5000 calls.

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