3CX Call Center

3CX is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software that’s used by contact centres teams the world over and includes advanced video conferencing, real-time queue statistics, listen-in plus lots more.

3CX is open-standard software, so you’re not locked into proprietary hardware and you can install it in minutes on your existing Linux or Windows computers, dramatically reducing costs, maintenance and the need for a physical black box.
Ideal for small-to-medium sized businesses, 3CX is an out-of-the-box communications solution that can be quickly and easily installed both locally in your office or on the cloud – whatever you prefer. 3CX also has a variety of premium features that will ensure your call center is optimized for success.

SLA Alerts let managers know when callers have been waiting too long. A call-back feature lets callers that lose connection regain their place in the queue. And there are numerous call-waiting strategies to ensure your customers will be waiting the least amount of time.